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Different Kinds of Sofas to Complete Your Living Room

Choose the sofa to fit your lifestyleWhen most people think of sofas, they picture traditional three cushioned couches that have been used for centuries. While these are great options that have stood the test of time, there are other options on the market as well. Here are a few styles to keep in mind before you buy your next set of living room furniture.


Sectionals are essentially long couches meant to seat a lot of people at once. They are shaped in a right angle or curved formation, and they are meant to wrap along two walls. Some have recliners built in and others have stools that come with them. You just have to see what you like.

Pull Out Couches

Some sofas actually have beds built into them. You can pull out the bed for guests to sleep on, and then you can tuck it back in when the guests leave. This is a great way to give people a place to sleep when you have limited space.

Love Seats

Love seats have two cushions on them instead of three. They usually accompany a standard couch in a living room set, and they can act as perfect additional seating in any room. If you do not need a ton of seating, this could be all you would have use for.


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