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Styles of Sofas

Different sofas can drastically change the feel of your living room. Whether you love the traditional, rustic or contemporary look, your sofa helps set the mood. Here are some different styles you can look for when shopping.


Clean lines, smooth fabrics and raised legs are a few hallmarks of a contemporary sofa. Look for straight lines and a minimalist design that will not take up an excessive amount of floor space.


If you love the feel of fluffy pillows and overstuffed arms, then choose a traditional look. The gentle, graceful curves mean that the furniture will take up more space, but it will look fantastic.


Leather, wood accents and natural colors are defining characteristics of a rustic sofa. At home in any log cabin or richly appointed, classic den, this furniture style can fit in most homes.

Sofas are comfortable and relaxing. They invite your guests to sit down and stay for a while. Choose one that works with your d├ęcor and suits the style you are looking for. Whether you are dreaming of a contemporary with sleek lines, the cushioned comfort of traditional pieces or the rustic look, the right sofa is waiting for you.



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