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Using Color in your Living Room with Textiles

Living Room ColorYou should never be afraid of using color in your living room design. There are many ways to introduce a splash of color to the room, and they don’t all involve a bucket of paint. Here are a few of the ways you can get more color in your favorite room.


A single chenille throw draped elegantly on the end of the couch is luxurious and welcoming. It maintains a sophisticated feel without making the room feel cluttered. It will also invite you to sit down and get really comfortable.


Used since the medieval ages to warm up drafty rooms, there is still a place for tapestries in modern homes. It’s an easy way to add color to the room without getting a single paint brush dirty. When you get tired of the style, you can easily replace it with a different one.


Choose luxurious, thick draperies and allow them to pool delicately on the floor. It’s not only a splash of vivid and interesting color; it’s also a great way to add class and style to the room. Extend the rod and draperies beyond the actual edge of the window for a more stunning visual statement.

Using color in your living room is easy with the right placement of textiles. The colors can easily be changed out then, allowing you to update the room with the changing styles or seasons.


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