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Today’s Trends in Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Historically, contemporary furnishings have reflected cutting-edge fashions and technologies, with an emphasis on bold, modern styles. The trend in contemporary living room furniture today is to invest in quality pieces that will look great for many years to come.

Choosing Quality Contemporary Pieces

Without a thorough understanding of furniture construction, it can be challenging to choose a quality piece, but a few tips can help. Manufacturers who engage in shoddy construction are less likely to use expensive materials.

High-end materials, such as fine wood and upholstery, can be a good indicator of a quality piece. Quality pieces often have some heft to them as well. Generally, a heavy piece is more likely to be better constructed than a light one.

Trending Colors in Contemporary Design

Many interior designers advise homeowners to choose neutral colors, such as beige, brown and gray, for larger pieces of living room furniture. Limit bolder colors to small pieces and accessories like pillows that can be easily replaced.

Today’s most popular contemporary living room furniture pieces are those that exhibit an enduring style rather than passing fads and fashion. Clean forms, basic colors and quality materials are the key characteristics of today’s contemporary style.


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