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Sophisticated Contemporary Living Room Furniture

One of the most appealing features of contemporary living room furniture is its diversity of design. You can include contemporary furniture in your living room that will give it a sophisticated appearance. To accompany that sophistication, you can include one unique, artistically stylish surprise. It’s that astonishing accent piece that will collect complements from visitors and make you smile each time you walk into the room.

Contemporary Chairs

An accent chair is often one of the main elements in a living room that gives it character. The type of accent chair you choose can reflect your vibrant personality, or it can be a means of self-expression that no other piece of furniture can provide. It may be the creative and highly imaginative design of the chair that makes it so outstanding, or it could be the spectacular upholstery you select. A contemporary accent chair can be the piece of furniture your guests remember as well as the most frequently used item in the room.

Contemporary Bookcases

It’s no secret that bookcases are one of the most decoratively functional pieces of furniture to add to any living room. A quick look at contemporary bookcase designs will reveal that bookcases can be far more than just a storage space. Some contemporary bookcase designs are appealing because of their sleek, trim appearance. On the other hand, there are contemporary bookcases that resemble eye-catching pieces of architecture. Designs such as this make wonderful room or space dividers. They can also add interest to a dull corner.

Ladder style shelving can be used in a contemporary living room as a place to display books or as a workstation when you’re using your laptop.

Contemporary Accent Furniture

The smaller accent pieces in a room can make a large impression on the overall appearance of the room. Contemporary style ottomans and footstools can add a punch of color to a room or become one of the more unique features of the room. Benches are an ideal space saving seating option in a living room.

Contemporary Living Room Accessories

Wall shelving is a popular accessory in a contemporary decor. Some of these designs are as uniquely interesting as contemporary styled free standing shelving. Many of the accent chairs intended for a contemporary decor have over-sized seats. This gives you ample space to display accent pillows in vibrant colors or bizarre and unusual print fabric.

Contemporary lighting options abound. They are a wonderful way to add whimsy and vibrancy to a contemporary decor. Your trim sophisticated furniture is a perfect backdrop for the artsy lighting designs that can become the topic of conversation at your next gathering or party.

Contemporary Sofas

Circular sofas or sofas in a curved design are just two examples of the unique furniture choices you have when designing a contemporary living room. Sectional sofas are popular for contemporary decors. You won’t find overstuffed arms on a contemporary sofa. Instead, the sides of the sofa are trim and well defined. You might find chrome on the sofa frame instead of wood or fabric. Upholstery is generally neutral. This allows your stunning accent chair to become the object of focus in the room.

Adding whimsical accent furniture to your contemporary living room is a simple way to liven up the decor. Having a unique chair awaiting you or being able to create a mini-work station with ladder shelving are bonus features in a small living room. A piece of furniture that reminds you of the important of having fun or the value of diversity is certainly a positive addition to any room.

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