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Casual Living Room Furniture to Match Any Style

Casual Living Room FurnitureThe beauty of casual living room furniture is that you can take any type of furniture and make it feel more relaxed. You don’t have to shop for a specific type of furniture to achieve the casual feel you are craving. With a few touches and simple changes, any style can start to feel more comfortable, cozy and casual.

Casually Draped Blankets

Nothing relaxes furniture more than a few casually draped blankets. A chenille blanket draped loosely over the corner of a modern couch will soften that curve, add color to the mix and make things more casual with the addition of a different texture. From a Victorian sofa with Queen Anne turned legs to a retro piece with bold colors and sharp angles, draping a blanket over one corner will instantly make the furniture more relaxed and casual. Choose contrasting textiles to make the blankets stand out more, giving the room the relaxed feel you want.

Throw on Some Pillows

Casual furniture is all about comfort. Make any piece more casual by ensuring that it is comfortable enough to sink into. The addition of throw pillows will make any piece of furniture more welcoming, inviting your guests to sit down and relax for a while. To ensure that the throw pillows don’t become intimidating, toss the pillows casually onto the furniture. Lining up throw pillows like perfect little soldiers will only make your guests afraid to move anything. You want your guests to grab a pillow, prop it under one arm and make themselves comfortable.

Less is More

While you aren’t going for a Spartan look, you also don’t want to overwhelm the area with furniture, knick knacks and accessories. Keep things simple, and make sure your guests have Living Room Lightingspace to move around. You should be able to comfortably move about the room without feeling like you’re going to knock something over in the process.

Soft Lighting

The ceiling fan might be good for lighting up the room to clean it, but harsh lighting will not invite your guests to sit down and relax. Create the casual feel by adding the right lighting. Soft lighting will smooth out edges, tone down harsh lines and ensure that your guests feel at ease in the space. You will also enjoy the moderate lighting when you are trying to relax at the end of a long day.

Colors Matter

As a general rule, soft and light colors are more relaxing and soothing than rich, dark colors. However, you don’t have to rush out and buy new furniture if you have previously invested in mocha leather. Use textile accessories like blankets, pillows and upholstered ottomans to add the soft, gentle color that will tone down the space and help you relax.

Accessories Set the Tone

The accessories you place around the living room will also work to set the tone. The most casual furniture available will feel more upscale and refined if the room is filled with priceless antiques, delicately blown glass vases and other fragile knick knacks. Make the room more casual by choosing accessories your guests won’t be afraid of breaking. Choose pictures and candles to add interest to the room while maintaining the casual feel.

You don’t have to invest in new furniture to change the tone from modern and formal to casual and relaxed. With the right accessories, you can transform any space and make it feel more welcoming. Rich textiles, light colors and soft lighting will help make the space inviting and casual.


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