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Finding Contemporary Furniture For Your Living Room

As contemporary furniture becomes increasingly popular in all sorts of environments, it is being used in offices, in retail spaces and even in residential homes. One of the best places to incorporate contemporary furniture is in your living room. Since a living room is the place where guests and family gather to spend time, it may well be the most visible room in the home. To create a more modern look or to upgrade the space, invest in some contemporary furniture pieces that will add flair and style to the living room. Here are a few suggestions for key contemporary pieces that can improve the way your living room looks.

Accent Chairs

A popular way to bring a contemporary living room to life is through the use of accent chairs. In nearly every contemporary showroom, accent chairs are used as a way to break up the monotony of the neutral tones and as a way to create an interesting focal point in the space. Accent chairs can be purchased one a time, or they might come in pairs.

They are meant to add to the existing seating in the home, and they should be funky, modern, unusual or in a bright color. They will naturally draw the eye in and serve as a way to add interest and design into an otherwise plain space.

Modern and Neutral Sofas

When it comes to seating for a living room, the accent chairs simply won’t be enough. You’ll also need to supplement with large sofas or couches that can seat all your friends and family members at once. These sofas should come in neutral colors such as gray, beige, white or black. Rather than looking puffy or curved, opt for straight backs, angular designs or even pieces without arms. This look, free from the embellishments and decoration of traditional living room furniture, will look modern and contemporary in your home.

Glass or Metal Coffee Tables

Most living rooms have coffee tables in front of their sofas as a place to rest drinks, dine on quick meals or just for decoration. Rather than choosing traditional wooden carved coffee tables, opt for man-made materials that give an industrial rather than a natural or rustic look. Some great suggestions include iron pieces that look architectural or glass designs that look ethereal and contemporary. These more updated pieces will go better in a contemporary living room, and they will compliment the modern sofas and accent chairs best.

Sleek Shelving Units

For many people, the idea of contemporary furnishings is tied to that of minimalism. In order to show off your sleek lines and modern look, you should have minimal statues, photos, frames or decorative pieces in your home. Since most residents will want at least one place to rest your needed items, invest in shelving units that are sleek, geometrical and clean.

Simple shelves might include black or white boards that are installed directly into the wall. Rather than overloading these shelves with lots of items, place one or two key pieces on the shelf and keep it as uncluttered as possible.

Bursts of Color

While it is true that contemporary living room furniture comes primarily in neutral tones like black, white and grey, it certainly does not mean that your entire living room needs to be limited to this range. In fact, having a few bursts of color can look spectacular. Through art, accent chairs, pillows or rugs, bring a pop of color to the room.

With these tips, you can easily transform your living room into a contemporary space that is inviting, modern and sleek without being overwhelming.

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